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Help and FAQ

I have received an authorization request, how do I behave correctly and what do I have to do now?

Breathe deeply and stay calm ;-). If you have legally acquired the image material mentioned in the authorization request, please simply send us a proof of purchase of the acquired image and video material as .jpg or PDF. After examination by us, we will inform you immediately whether the matter is settled and completed.

How can I communicate or prove my legitimately acquired license to use the image material in an authorization request?

Usually a .jpg file as e-mail attachment or a .pdf file is sufficient. Please note that the file should contain the name of the stock agency, the date and your buyer's name/company name.

I have received an authorization request, but I have unknowingly or knowingly acquired or stolen the image or video material without a license and used it commercially or non-commercially. How do I behave correctly and what can I do?

First of all: To steal picture and video material is a copyright infringement according to § 106 UrhG and can usually be very expensive or even punished with imprisonment for up to three years. The economic damage caused by illegal copies is immense. A legal dispute is not a pleasant matter for either party. Normally, such a dispute would amount to 1500-2500 €* including lawyer and court costs. We give you the opportunity to purchase a "Relicensing" license from us for 350,- €*. In return, we waive the right to assert our claims for the purchase of the "Relicensing" license in court.

Are new photos and vectors updated or added?

We always add new photos and vectors to our image database. Click on Latest Uploads in the menu below to see our latest pictures, videos, render graphics and vector uploads!

In which file format do I get the photos for download?

Photos are available for download in JPG format (.Jpg).

In which format do I get vector files for download?

Vector illustrations and vectors are available for download in the selected license in EPS format (.eps) or as JPG format (.jpg) files.

In which format do I receive video files for download?

Videos are made available for download in the selected license in QuickTime (.mov) or as (.mov) video file format.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No. The reason is simple: We offer our customers full access to our digital photo, video and vector library. Each photo, video or vector graphic can be viewed in detail in different sizes before purchase. Of course we are also available for questions before every purchase at support [at] Therefore we cannot offer this service for our download photos, videos and vector graphics. Excluded are photos, videos or vectors on CD, where errors occur through our fault. In case of errors in photos, videos or vector graphics or other quality problems that occur during download and are demonstrably our fault, we will provide a replacement.

Can I cancel purchases?

You have a legal right of withdrawal for already made purchases that have not yet been downloaded, but there is no right of withdrawal for already downloaded download items. Since digital photos and vectors are easily copied file formats and we cannot check whether a copy on your computer was missed after a refund, we must refuse any refund.

What is RC-Photo-Stock?

RC-Photo-Stock is an online image database for stock photos, stock videos, 3D renderings and vector illustrations. Customers can buy stock photos, stock videos, 3D images and vectors at RC-Photo-Stock and use them for projects such as websites, flyers, advertisements, social media presence or presentations. RC-Photo-Stock cheap royalty free stock photos, videos, 3D renderings and vectors can be bought with credits (1 credit = from 0.60 €*) or without credits or by subscription to download images. With a credit or subscription you can download images, videos, renderings and vector illustrations easily and conveniently.

What is meant by Royalty Free?

Royalty Free means that a downloaded image or vector file can be used and enjoyed independently of time and without limitations on the number of intended uses and print runs.

Is a member account with RC-Photo-Stock free?

Yes, a member account at RC-Photo-Stock is absolutely free of charge and you only need 80 seconds to create a customer account. Create a free and non-binding member account now!!

What is a Credit?

Credits are an online currency at RC-Photo-Stock and can be used to download stock photos or vectors. The value of 1 Credit = from 1,25 €* is the average price per Credit, this price is reduced with higher order values.

How do I contact the customer support of RC-Photo-Stock?

E-Mail: Simply select the menu item "Contact" in the bottom footer navigation menu or click here.
Phone: +49 (0) 241 - 47 58 61 98
Accessible: Mon - Fri 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (except on public holidays)

Do I have to name the originator and the image source if I use an image from RC-Photo-Stock?

Pictures in an editorial context and their formats that have an imprint (e.g. websites, newspapers, magazines, books etc.), the naming of the originator and source of the picture must be provided. "Editorial" means any use of images in connection with reporting and/or to satisfy the public interest in information.

A mention in the form "© r.classen -" in the imprint or a dedicated picture credits is sufficient, so that you do not have to burden your layout with this information.

With flyers, advertising posters, advertisements, banners, etc. there is no obligation to mention the copyright, but we welcome this.

You can also place the information directly on the picture or even include a link to the RC-Photo-Stock page on a website e.g. in the imprint.

May I resell a picture that I have purchased from RC-Photo-Stock?

The licenses of RC-Photo-Stock do not allow the resale of an image or vector file or the transfer of rights of use. Licensing by agencies, web designers and graphic designers or illustrators on behalf of customers do not entitle the transfer of rights of use of the images or vectors themselves. The designed end product is made available to the customer, who thereby receives rights of use to the end product as the result of production, but not to the image itself. If the customer wishes to continue to use the images and vectors afterwards, he/she must obtain a further license.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the quality of a purchased image or vector file?

RC-Photo-Stock offers you the refund of defective images and vector files. If you are not satisfied with the quality of an image or vector file, please contact us via our customer support and tell us the image number and the corresponding defects you found.

What is the lightbox?

The lightbox is a very useful tool to collect and manage a pre-selection of images that are suitable for your project.

What license do I need to buy for my project?

The required image license always depends on the intended use of the image or vector file.
If you want to use an image in a brochure, for an advertisement in a magazine, on a website or in a presentation, standard licenses are sufficient.
Depending on the required resolution you can choose from the following image sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL
If an image is to be used in a derivative, i.e. a product for resale, e.g. postcards, calendars, T-shirts or website templates, an Extended License is required. Learn more about sizes and licenses

How to search for images or vectors in RC-Photo-Stock?

There are 3 ways to search for pictures:

How do I buy credits?

Credits are purchased directly from a confirmed member account. After logging in, simply click on "Buy Credits" in the upper left corner of your dashboard or buy credits directly from our credits page. The minimum order value of a package is 8 credits (9.99 €*). With our volume discount, the average price per credit can be reduced down to 0.50 €*. You can pay the credit packages with PayPal or on account.
Information about your transactions, credits, downloads and your invoices can be viewed under your customer account.More about our Credit Packages

I have forgotten my access data or password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your password?" link in the login mask to have your password sent to you. To change your password, please contact our support here.

Which payment options does RC-Photo-Stock offer?

There are two possibilities with which you can pay us for your pictures:
1. "PayPal": Online billing system, offers the possibility of connecting your current account or credit card. Best suited for a quick picture order, usually the ordered pictures are available for download a few seconds after the payment has been processed. You can find more information about PayPal here.
2. advance payment (invoice per e-mail):: You will receive our bank details and further information about the payment process. After the order has been credited to our account, you will receive the activation of the ordered pictures by e-mail.

Can I also submit pictures to sell them here?

No, only pictures and vectors by Rafael Classen are sold via RC-Photo-Stock. A possible extension of the system to more photographers is possible, but not planned at the moment.

What software is required to download an image or vector file?

You do not need any special software. You can download the images and vectors directly from your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Are there any other costs and fees for photos and vectors I will have to pay if I take out a subscription?

No. The subscription fees cover all costs for the photo. However, our license agreements also apply to photos purchased by subscription.

Can I share my RC-Photo-Stock access with my business partner or others?

No. Each partner or colleague needs a separate access. You are not allowed to pass on the access data to third parties or allow them to use it. Exceptions are possible for subscriptions, but must be confirmed by us in writing beforehand. But you can of course apply for a business account, an access for your company. Ask us for the conditions.

How quickly can I access the purchased photos?

When paying via PayPal, the link will be activated immediately after receipt of payment. If you would like to pay by invoice, we manually check your address data and usually activate the picture links in your email within 2-4 working days after receipt of payment!

Please understand that this FAQ will be continuously updated!