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Relicensing License

The Relicensing (Relicensing license) of RC-Photo-Stock gives you the possibility to re-license and use images, graphics and videos legally secure!

You have sublicensed images, graphics or videos to a social media platform without permission, deleted copyright-protected copyright information in the IPTC metadata, passed the stock media on to third parties without a usage rights transfer agreement, or the image, graphic and video has been stolen and thus used unlicensed?

Then we offer you with the fair re-licensing a reasonable solution to eliminate the infringement amicably and discreetly.

What is the advantage and added value of re-licensing?

With re-licensing, we give people who have used our works without the necessary rights of use the opportunity to avoid a legal dispute about your obligation to cease and desist and to claim damages in court.

If you perform to re-licensing the Stockmedia, we agree not to take any legal action for any copyright infringement by you with respect to the specific work that was re-licensed.

You can find more information about this in point 6 in our License Terms License Agreement.

You save yourselves thus annoying additional costs, stress and time! It is therefore an advantage for both sides to purchase the re-license.

In addition, you get a extra value with the re-licensing license. In addition to usage rights of a standard license, you receive further extensive rights of an extended license and a social media usage for sublicensing to Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc., as well as the usage of the stock photos, stock videos or vector graphics in a company logo.

The stock media is also available to you in full resolution and is not limited to a specific size.

Remember, you didn't have these rights before.

Why should i should buy the Re-license with a credit package and how expensive is the Re-license?

The Re-license costs 350,-€* at the regular price without credits. The re-license is a lump sum calculated by us for you, consisting of damages and documentation costs.

If you re-license with a credit package for 350,-€*, you get 200 credits extra! The credit package contains 550 credits. So after re-licensing for 350 credits you still have 200 credits left, which you can use for new image purchases and at the same time use the stock medium legally secure for your media projects. We would like to emphasize again that you re-licensing via credits is an offer from us and we want to reach an amicable agreement for both sides. Please keep in mind that the offer of re-licensing via credits is possible for a maximum of 3 images that have been objected to and that you will then have zero credits left with a credit package of 1200 credits. For more than 3 images please contact us for an individual offer for a solution. Furthermore, a re-license via credits is only possible with a member account. A re-license via credits without a member account is not possible and makes no sense.

You can find more information about our credit packages HERE

What is the alternative to Re-licensing?

After reviewing the overall facts with our legal team, we would determine whether it is necessary and reasonable to enforce our further legal interests, as well as copyright claims, e.g. with a written warning and instruct our legal team.

But who wants that, so why argue and create more additional costs?

When the way to a solution can be so simple. In case of a written warning, e.g. by our specialized lawyers for copyright and media law, high additional costs can easily arise, in addition to the costs claimed by your infringement. In addition, you will have to sign a cease-and-desist declaration with which you undertake to refrain from using the stock medium in question in the future. So why not continue to use the stock medium in a legally secure way with a Re-licensing license.

Create a member account quickly and flexibly to re-lize CREATE MEMBER ACCOUNT

What do I have to do after acquiring the Re-license?

After you re-license in our stock agency rcphotostock, the stock media will be available for download in your member account. Download the re-licensed image and delete the old image in or on your website/blog article/newspaper article and replace it with the correct stock media and the original IPTC metadata and exchange it.

To do this, you should replace the photo credit (copyright notice) with:

Photo/Graphic/Video: – © rcphotostock (Image number)

after that you are on the legally secure side.

Do you need help with the legally compliant integration of the stock medium?

No problem. Contact us via e-mail, we will be happy to make you an offer for integierung and find after appointment certainly a solution to help you and do not leave them alone in the rain with the integration.

For more questions and answers about re-licensing and legal aspects, please see our FAQ

ForMore questions and answers about re-licensing, as well as legal aspects can be found in our FAQ, or simply create a member account directly to purchase re-licensing CREATE MEMBER ACCOUNT NOW